Amazon Luna expands to Canada, Germany and the UK

A year after first launching in the US, Amazon Luna is expanding to three new regions. Starting today, the cloud gaming service is available in Canada, Germany and the United… [...]

The best passive bookshelf speakers for most people

Vinyl has been on a resurgence for some time, and the pandemic somehow only accelerated that. It’s got many out there looking to upgrade from a cheap Crosley turntable and… [...]

Nothing’s $149 Ear 2 wireless buds have improved connectivity and more customization

Nothing’s revealed its second-generation Ear wireless buds. The eye-catching design sticks around and the company has tried to address some of the issues that bedeviled the original, with some much-needed… [...]

Spotify has reportedly spent less than 10 percent of its Joe Rogan apology fund

Spotify's financial apology for Joe Rogan's comments may not amount to much so far. Bloomberg sources claim the streaming service has spent less than 10 percent of its $100 million… [...]

The Tripod Desk Pro is a portable standing desk that upgraded my WFH setup

At Engadget, we’ve covered plenty of standing desks and peripherals that have changed up our work-from-home setups, but everyone’s use case (and living arrangements) differ. Until now, I’ve struggled to… [...]

Amazon's refreshed Fire TV Omni QLED lineup includes cheaper, smaller models

Amazon is once again refreshing its Fire TV sets, but the focus now is less on whiz-bang features and more on where those sets will fit. The 4K-capable Fire TV… [...]

Redfall hands-on: A creepy and creative twist on the modern looter shooter

It seems like every major developer is working on an open-world shooter with co-op and RPG elements. But with Redfall, by drawing inspiration from a number of its previous titles,… [...]

Amazon's palm-reading tech is being tested in Panera cafes

Amazon One's palm-reading technology that can substitute for credit cards and tickets is now available for Panera customers. With this new partnership, the fast casual chain becomes the first national… [...]

Windows 11 security flaw exposes cropped-out screenshot data

It's not just Android phones that are vulnerable to a screenshot security flaw. Developer Chris Blume has discovered that Windows 11's Snipping Tool falls prey to a similar exploit. The… [...]

How to find and cancel your unused subscriptions

Paying a monthly fee for something you never use makes zero financial sense. But subscription overload is real, with dozens of streaming, gaming, dating and even hot-sauce delivery services lining… [...]


AI Loves—and Loathes—Language

Deep learning networks may look like brains, but that doesn’t mean they can think like humans. On the ever-expanding meganet, that’s a problem. [...]

Travelrest Nest Ultimate Travel Pillow: Neck Support for Great Sleep

Sleeping on a red-eye can be a pain in the neck. This companion is here to support you. [...]

The Future of Black Queer Characters in Comics Is Joyful

Meet the creators working to make sure that everyone can see themselves in the pages of their favorite stories. [...]

How to Move Your Slack Archive to Discord

Slack puts a paywall in front of features that Discord offers for free. Here’s how to make the leap—and keep your archive, too. [...]

This Is the Lightest Paint in the World

An energy-saving coating needs no pigments, and it keeps the surface beneath it 30 degrees cooler. [...]

The TikTok CEO’s Face-Off With Congress Is Doomed

On Thursday, Shou Zi Chew will meet a rare united front in the US Congress against the Chinese-owned social media app that has lawmakers in a tizzy. [...]

A US Agency Rejected Face Recognition—and Landed in Big Trouble

Officials working on Login.gov, used to access dozens of government sites, worried about algorithmic bias. Their decision breached federal security rules. [...]

‘4 People Tweeting’ Changed the Face of Nigerian Politics

A youth-led online movement propelled an outsider candidate into the political mainstream. [...]

How You Can Tell the AI Images of Trump’s Arrest Are Deepfakes

Doctored images of the former US president went viral on Twitter. These are the telltale signs that they aren’t what they seem. [...]

China’s Answer to ChatGPT Flubs Its First Lines

Search giant Baidu’s Ernie Bot met online jeers and also faces the challenge of operating on a firewalled internet ruled by government censorship. [...]

Mashable Tech

Save on a thermal label printer that never runs out of ink

SAVE $26: As of March 22, the Polono Thermal label printer is on sale for $113.99, down from $139.99 at Amazon. That's a savings of $26. Opens in a new… [...]

Instagram gets two new types of ads, yay

Good news, everyone! Instagram is launching new types of ads. OK, we were joking about the "good" part. Instagram's parent company Meta announced the change on Tuesday, detailing several new… [...]

The best Squarespace templates for videos, blogs, and all other web pages

This content originally appeared on Mashable for a US audience and has been adapted for the UK audience.If you’ve listened to any podcast ever, you already know the spiel: Squarespace… [...]

'Ghost jobs' are increasingly wasting job-seekers' time

According to the Labor Department, there were 10.8 million job openings in January. So, why haven't you heard back from that job you applied to yet?It may be because the… [...]

Be My Eyes meets GPT-4: Is AI the next frontier in accessibility?

Nearing the 10-year anniversary of losing her eyesight, Lucy Edwards is reclaiming countless visual experiences...with the help of artificial intelligence.As a partner with visual assistant mobile app Be My Eyes,… [...]

Add ChatGPT to your WordPress site with this $40 plugin

TL;DR: Through April 13, a lifetime license to ChatGPT WordPress Plugin is on sale for only $39.97 — that's an extra 32% off its usual sale price of $59 and a… [...]

Grab a Dollar Flight Club lifetime subscription for only $40

TL;DR: Get a lifetime subscription to Dollar Flight Club for just $39.99 as of March 22 — that's an extra 20% in savings from the usual sale price. With your… [...]

Get a Rosetta Stone lifetime subscription for $145 and learn up to 24 languages

TL;DR: Use the coupon code SPRING20 to get a lifetime subscription to Rosetta Stone for only $144.97 instead of $299. That's over 50% in savings through April 3.Your spring vacation… [...]

The best VPNs for gaming focus on security, not speed

Endorsements from big-name streamers have put VPNs (or virtual private networks) on many gamers' radars. Billed as closed, secure connections that protect you from common cyberthreats and unblock restricted titles,… [...]

Apple's iOS 16.4 has a cool feature that can make cellular calls better

These days, phones come with a zillion features that you may never use, but how about a feature that actually makes cellular calls – a core function of the phone… [...]

Mac Rumors

Apple TV+ Shares 2023 Friday Night MLB Schedule, Subscription Now Required

Apple today announced that its weekly MLB doubleheader "Friday Night Baseball" returns in April. While the games were free to watch last season, an Apple TV+ subscription is now required,… [...]

Deals: Samsung's Week-Long Event Expands With New Sales on 4K and 8K TVs

Samsung today refreshed its "Discover Samsung" event with new discounts on monitors and more markdowns on TVs. All of these sales can be found directly on Samsung's website, and if… [...]

iOS 16.4 Further Optimizes iPhone 14's Crash Detection After False 911 Calls

iOS 16.4 includes additional Crash Detection optimizations for all iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro models, according to Apple's release notes for the software update, which is expected to be… [...]

Nanoleaf's Matter Essentials Lights Now Available for Pre-Order

Nanoleaf today began accepting pre-orders for its Matter-enabled Essential lights, which are designed to work with HomeKit, Google Home, Amazon Alexa, and more through the Matter cross-platform smart home connectivity… [...]

Deals: Get AirPods 2 for $89.99, AirPods 3 for $149.99, and AirPods Pro 2 for $199.99 in Latest Sales

Verizon today has deals for nearly every one of Apple's AirPods, including the AirPods Pro 2, AirPods 3, and AirPods 2. As with all other Verizon deals, you don't need… [...]

Apple Music Users Report Seeing Other People's Playlists in Their Libraries

Apple Music appears to be sparking serious privacy concerns for some users, with multiple complaints on Reddit about other people's playlists randomly appearing in their music libraries in the Music… [...]

WhatsApp Gains New Group Features for Admins and Members

WhatsApp parent company Meta has announced two new updates related to WhatsApp groups, including a new privacy control tool for admins and a way for users to find out which… [...]

Google Opens Up Access to Bard AI Chatbot

Google today began allowing users to sign up to use Bard, its AI-powered chatbot that rivals Microsoft's Bing chatbot. First announced back in February, Bard is an experimental conversational AI… [...]

Microsoft's AI-Powered Bing Experience Gains Image Creation Functionality

Microsoft today announced that its AI-enhanced Bing browser now includes Bing Image Creator, image-generating technology powered by OpenAI's DALL-E deep learning model. DALL-E is designed to generate digital content through… [...]

Apple Working on Beats Studio Buds+ Earphones

Apple is developing a new version of the Beats Studio Buds called the Beats Studio Buds+, signs of which were discovered in the iOS 16.4 release candidate today by 9to5Mac.… [...]

The Next Web

Nuclear power startups are flourishing in Europe — here’s what they can offer

While the tech downturn rumbles on, investment in nuclear fusion remains strong — in 2021, over €2.7 billion was injected in this field alone. More recently, the UK Space Agency… [...]

These are the new jobs generative AI could create in the future

Search interest in ChatGPT has reached a 2,633% boost in interest since last December, shortly after its launch. For the artificial intelligence and machine learning industry, and for those working… [...]

Big Tech gives EU access to thousands of user accounts each year

Most of us share huge amounts of personal information online, and Big Tech companies are in many ways the gatekeepers of this data. But how much do they share with… [...]

NATO picks Netherlands for HQ of new €1B innovation fund

The Netherlands has been selected as the headquarters of NATO’s Innovation Fund (NIF) in a decision disclosed on Monday. First announced at the organisation’s 2022 Madrid Summit, the fund will… [...]

Rolls-Royce secures UK backing to build nuclear reactor on the Moon

Future astronauts living and working on the Moon will require robust technologies that store and deliver continuous, reliable energy.  But with no wind, no combustible fuels, no water (as far… [...]

Spanish startup wants to launch the first private reusable rocket from Western Europe

As Europe ramps up its efforts in launching commercial rockets into space, Elche-based startup PLD Space wants to put Spain on the map. The company plans to launch the first… [...]

Top 3 tech trends taking over the travel industry in 2023

2022 proved to be filled with ups and downs for the global tourism sector. At the beginning of the year, the challenge lay in attracting tourists back by providing social… [...]

New GPT-4 app can be ‘life-changing’ for visually-impaired people, say users

The first app to integrate GPT-4’s image-recognition abilities has been described as ‘life-changing’ by visually-impaired users. Be My Eyes, a Danish startup, applied the AI model to a new feature… [...]

EU’s new green tech strategy aims to keep production in the bloc

On Thursday, the European Commission unveiled the Net-Zero Industry Act, a much-anticipated proposal aiming at boosting the EU’s green tech production amidst an increasingly intense global race. The new regulation… [...]

Quantum computing sector reacts to UK’s new £2.5B programme

The UK government has pledged to invest £2.5bn in quantum computing over the next 10 years, Chancellor Jeremy Hunt announced today. The programme forms part of the new Spring Budget,… [...]

The Verge

TikTok ban: all the news on the US’s crackdown on the video platform

Illustration: Nick Barclay / The Verge Here’s a roundup of all the essential development as US lawmakers weigh a potential ban on the ByteDance-owned social media platform. Continue reading… [...]

Apple Music bug adds other people’s playlists to users’ libraries

Illustration: Alex Castro / The Verge Apple Music users have started noticing a strange issue that’s causing other people’s playlists and songs to show up in their libraries, as reported… [...]

Google and Microsoft’s chatbots are already citing one another in a misinformation shitshow

Bard prominently tells users it’s an experiment, but that doesn’t mean they’ll listen. | Image: Google If you don’t believe the rushed launch of AI chatbots by Big Tech has… [...]

Amazon is flooding the zone with new TVs as it crosses 200 million Fire TV devices sold

The budget Fire TV 2-Series sticks to HD resolution. | Image: Amazon Amazon announced today that it has sold a total of over 200 million Fire TV devices. That number… [...]

GitHub Copilot X is a new ChatGPT-like assistant to help developers write and fix code

Image: GitHub Microsoft-owned GitHub is overhauling its Copilot system today to integrate OpenAI’s GPT-4 model and bring chat and voice support to its AI pair programmer. GitHub Copilot X is… [...]

Nanoleaf’s new Matter-compatible lights are a great upgrade for your smart home

Nanoleaf’s low-cost LED smart bulbs have been reengineered to work with Matter. | Image: Nanoleaf After a slow rollout of devices that support Matter, the first Matter-over-Thread light bulbs are… [...]

Mozilla is creating a startup to build more open and trustworthy AI

Image: Mozilla.ai Mozilla is creating a new startup called Mozilla.ai, which the company hopes “will build a trustworthy and independent open-source AI ecosystem.” Moez Draief, a longtime AI researcher and… [...]

The Stand One keeps your MagSafe iPhone angled upright and your wallet a bit flat. Continue reading… [...]

How to watch Epic Games’ State of Unreal 2023

Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge Epic Games is nearly ready to reveal its latest updates to Unreal Engine, its hugely popular suite of development tools. The company is… [...]

Pete Buttigieg still believes in smart cities

Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg poses for a portrait at the Department of Transportation offices in Washington, DC. | Image: Cheriss May for The Verge The US Department of Transportation… [...]

Ars Technica

An Alfa Romeo bar the badge? We drive the 2024 Dodge Hornet RT plug-in.

Dodge has engaged in some badge engineering, but the result is rather good. [...]

Feral hogs are the invasive menace you’ve never thought about

They destroy crops, uproot landscapes, and spread disease—and not much is stopping them. [...]

Relativity Space hopes to live additively ever after with Wednesday’s launch

Watch this one because there won't be many Terran 1 launches. [...]

Redfall offers a compelling mix of Dishonored, Borderlands, and Buffy

Preview: Arkane Studios' first step into an open-world RPG shows a promising start. [...]

Making faces: How to train an AI on your face to create silly portraits

Follow our step-by-step tutorial to paste your face onto anything your heart desires. [...]

Three legacy Battlefield games will be removed from online stores in April

It's your last chance to purchase Bad Company's single-player campaign. [...]

Here’s the full analysis of newly uncovered genetic data on COVID’s origins

The genetic data paints a picture of spillover in one zone of the market. [...]

Newegg’s unique NAS configurator is a handy, but limited, shopping tool

You can only shop Newegg inventory, but it gets the ball rolling. [...]

Hackers drain bitcoin ATMs of $1.5 million by exploiting 0-day bug

Don't store digital coins in hot wallets! It's great advice but can't always be followed. [...]

Judge dismisses gamers’ claims that Microsoft-Activision merger will spoil gaming

Gamers have 20 days to supply more evidence showing the merger would harm them. [...]

Tech Crunch

Shadow wants to make game demos cool again with cloud computing

Shadow is introducing some new use cases for its cloud computing service at the Game Developers Conference. In particular, the company wants to partner with game publishers so that they… [...]

The top 10 AI mobile apps have already pulled in over $14 million this year

Consumer demand for AI chatbot experiences has been funneling millions of dollars into mobile apps advertising their association with ChatGPT or OpenAI technologies. According to a new analysis of the… [...]

Let's consider potential IPOs in the HR technology market: Rippling, Gusto, Deel and Velocity Global are all on our list. When the tech IPO market reopens, keep an eye on… [...]

This means that Good Meat’s cultivated chicken was accepted as a product safe for humans to eat.  Cultivated meat is closer to our plate now that Good Meat also gets… [...]

Ubisoft, the developer behind popular games like Assassin’s Creed and Far Cry, announced that it’s using an AI “Ghostwriter” tool to write dialogue for some of its games with the… [...]

CodiumAI is using generative AI to help developers build code logic tests automatically

Over his two decades of experience in the tech industry, CodiumAI co-founder and CEO Itamar Friedman has personally experienced the pain of building test suites to check his code logic.… [...]

Amazon expands Fire TV lineup with more QLED models, entry-level 2-Series TVs and new markets

As competition among smart TV makers heats up, Amazon today is introducing an expanded Fire TV lineup which now includes more sizes for its top-of-the-line Omni QLED series as well… [...]

How Fellow bootstrapped for 8 years to build a coffee empire

Fellow found benefits in being strapped for cash and having to be really deliberate about the categories it wanted to play in, the cadence of product launches and the overall… [...]

Apple and Major League Baseball (MLB) announced today new updates to its “Friday Night Baseball” offering. The games are now available to Apple TV+ subscribers in 60 countries, up from… [...]

GitHub’s Copilot goes beyond code completion, adds a chat mode and more

GitHub is announcing its Copilot X initiative today, an extension of its work on its popular Copilot code completion tool, which originally launched into preview all the way back in… [...]

Slash Dot

Supreme Court Ponders a Surprisingly Difficult Case About Poop Jokes

The Supreme Court will take a break on Wednesday from the unusually political mix of cases it decided to hear during its current term, to consider a case about poop… [...]

Mozilla Launches a New Startup Focused on 'Trustworthy' AI

On the eve of its 25th anniversary, Mozilla, the not-for-profit behind the Firefox browser, is launching an AI-focused startup. From a report: Called Mozilla.ai, the newly forged company's mission isn't… [...]

Microsoft's GitHub To Add OpenAI Chat Functions To Coding Tool

Microsoft's GitHub unit created one of the first widely deployed programs using OpenAI's language-generation tools -- an app called Copilot that helped software developers write computer code. Now GitHub is… [...]

Turing Award Won by Co-Inventor of Ethernet Technology

In the 1970s, Bob Metcalfe helped develop the primary technology that lets you send email or connect with a printer over an office network. From a report: In June 1972,… [...]

Researchers Design Robot That Can 3D Print a Cake With Up To Seven Ingredients

sciencehabit shares a report from Science Magazine: Researchers have designed a robot that can create and cook a cake with up to seven ingredients, more than any other printed food… [...]

3DS, Wii U eShop Shutdown Leaves Archivists In the Wind, Hobbyists Pick Up the Pieces

On March 27th, Nintendo's eShop for its 3DS and Wii U consoles will be shut down. With many of the titles being original to those consoles and not available anywhere… [...]

RNA Molecule Uracil Found In Asteroid Ryugu Samples

Researchers have analyzed samples of the asteroid Ryugu collected by the Japanese Space Agency's Hayabusa2 spacecraft and found uracil, one of the informational units that make up RNA, the molecules… [...]

Psychedelic Brew Ayahuasca's Profound Impact Revealed In Brain Scans

An anonymous reader quotes a report from The Guardian: The brew is so potent that practitioners report not only powerful hallucinations, but near-death experiences, contact with higher-dimensional beings, and life-transforming… [...]

The World Saw a Record 9.6% Growth In Renewables In 2022

By the end of 2022, global renewable generation capacity amounted to 3,372 gigawatts (GW), growing the stock of renewable power by 295 GW or 9.6%, according to the International Renewable… [...]

Google Defends Auto-Deletion of Chats After US Alleged It Destroyed Evidence

Google defended its use of "history-off chats" for many internal communications, denying the US government's allegation that it intentionally destroyed evidence needed in an antitrust case. The history-off setting causes… [...]

Tech Republic

The appeal of owning your own business applies to all generations due to layoffs, the erosion of corporate trust and financial instability, according to HoneyBook and The Harris Poll. The… [...]

Docker Swarm is a way to create a cluster for container deployment. Jack Wallen walks you through installing a Docker Swarm cluster and then deploying and managing a service to… [...]

Compare our picks of the best resource management software for 2023. Read our reviews to learn more about standout features, integrations and pricing. The post 10 best resource management software… [...]

The harassment reported by Palo Alto Networks Unit 42 typically takes the form of phone calls and emails directed toward employees, C-suite executives and even customers. The post Ransomware gangs’… [...]

HR outsourcing can be a great way to free up time and resources. Discover the six best HR outsourcing services for 2023 and learn how to choose the best provider… [...]

Jack Wallen shows you how to configure your Linux system to allow for Podman container management without depending on sudo. The post How to enable Podman sudo-less container management appeared… [...]

Discover the top six compensation management software to help you with employee salary, bonus, and other related expenses in 2023. We've reviewed the latest tools to help you make the… [...]

These live sessions are on sale for a limited time. The post Learn cybersecurity skills by participating in real projects appeared first on TechRepublic. [...]

A look at 4th quarter 2022, data suggests that new threat surfaces notwithstanding, low-code cybersecurity business email compromises including phishing, as well as MFA bombing are still the prevalent exploits… [...]

Mind mapping software provides a way to create and share mind maps for brainstorming and project planning. Review pricing, features and benefits of the top mind mapping software for project… [...]


Gear Up for Spring With Up to 50% Off Roka Sunglasses and Swimwear     - CNET

Complete your new look with stylish pair of Roka sunglasses while they're half off. And shop deals on reading glasses, goggles, wetsuits and more. [...]

Check Out the iPhone's One-Handed Keyboard. You'll Thank Us Later.     - CNET

Typing with both hands is cumbersome and unnecessary. Try out the iPhone's one-handed keyboard -- you'lll be glad you did. [...]

Current Refinance Rates on March 22, 2023: Rates Are Mixed     - CNET

Refinance rates were mixed this week. The Fed's interest rate hikes have affected the refinance market. [...]

Mortgage Rates for March 22, 2023: Rates Recede     - CNET

This week, a couple of important mortgage rates tailed off, though rates remain high compared to a year ago. If you're in the market for a home loan, see how… [...]

Have Brain Fog? You Might Be Deficient in These 4 Vitamins and Minerals     - CNET

Brain fog may not be a defined medical condition, but its effects are significant. And a lack of certain vitamins and minerals may be the cause. [...]

Treat Your Mac or PC to a Microsoft Office License for Just $40 Right Now     - CNET

This limited-time promotion won't last, so don't miss out. [...]

Apple's 10th-Gen iPad Is Back on Sale With $50 Off Across All Configurations     - CNET

Deal of the day: Apple's latest iPad is back down to its lowest price ever, starting at $399. [...]

Will the Diablo IV Beta Run on Your PC?     - CNET

Laptop, Mac or Steam Deck, here's which computer platforms you can play Diablo IV on. [...]

Computing's Top Prize Goes to Ethernet Creator Bob Metcalfe     - CNET

The network technology first linked the computers of schools and offices. Now it connects us all to the internet. [...]

India vs. Australia Livestream: How to Watch 3rd ODI Cricket From Anywhere     - CNET

Who will come out on top in this series decider in Chennai? [...]

Tech Radar

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Digital Trends

This charming indie turns storytelling into a clever puzzle game

Storyteller is 2023's most charming game yet, turning classic fairytales into clever logic puzzles. [...]

AirPods, AirPods Pro and AirPods Max are on sale from $99 today

There’s no better way to take in a movie or some music than with a new set of Apple AirPods, and we've found the best AirPods deals available right now. [...]

Save $200 on this 86-inch LG QNED 4K TV with this flash deal

Every home theater needs a great TV at its center to gather around, and one of the best TV deals available right now is this LG 86-inch QNED 4K TV. [...]

Don’t miss your chance to get this 70-inch 4K TV for just $450

The 70-inch Insignia F30 Series 4K TV is currently available from Best Buy with a $200 discount, which pulls its price down to an even more affordable $450. [...]

7 movies in March 2023 you need to watch now

From Keanu Reeves' anticipated return as John Wick in John Wick: Chapter 4 to Chris Pine in Dungeons & Dragons, these movies are worth watching in March 2023. [...]

Diablo IV’s always-online play threatens an otherwise killer time

Diablo IV's enjoyable open beta is held back by underwhelming MMO elements. [...]

Nothing Ear 2 Review: this time, its personal — in a good way

Nothing is back with its second pair of in-ear true wireless earbuds, the Ear 2, and this time, it's personal. [...]

Everything coming to Netflix in April 2023

With the new series Beef with Steven Yeun and Ali Wong and the return of Sweet Tooth for a second season, Netflix's April 2023 has something for everyone. [...]

Another day, another Alienware sale: Save on gaming PCs and laptops

Alienware has a huge sale on some of its fastest gaming laptops and gaming PCs. Here are the highlights of the sale. [...]

Apple Magic Mouse, Keyboard and Trackpad are discounted

Apple's Magic Mouse, Magic Keyboard, and Magic Trackpad are on sale from Amazon. It's rare to see discounts for these Apple accessories, so don't miss out. [...]


Work Week | How Not To Connect

| Slack Steps In It | Staffbase Raises $145M | Airtable Valued at $5.7B | Box on the Block | CoScreen Launches |:::Photo by Stephen Phillips — Hostreviews.co.uk on UnsplashIn Slack is becoming a… [...]

Circling Back To Dropbox Spaces

How is the beta test proceeding?Continue reading on GigaOm » [...]

Work Week | Ahren’s Challenge

| LinkedIn Marketplaces | Virtual Events Are Hot: Hopin and Hubilo | Asynch Video: Weet | Microsoft Viva |Photo by Philipp Berndt on UnsplashQuote of the MomentIt is a huge misunderstanding that the… [...]

Work Week | Focus and Asynchronous Communication

The pandemic is leading people away from endless video meetingsPhoto by Stefan Cosma on UnsplashI came upon Complish a few months ago and thought I might fool with it before writing it… [...]

Work Week | Trello Goes Overboard

Trello is becoming more like a spreadbase, like Notion, Airtable, or CodaTrello has announced the availability of a variety of new views, so users are no longer limited to the now-familiar… [...]

Work Week | Microsoft Viva Changes Everything

Employee experience platforms, not intranetsContinue reading on GigaOm » [...]

Work Week | One Step Beyond Logic

| Citrix buys Wrike | Personio raises $125M | SalesLoft raises $100M | Softr raises $2.2M | Divvy raises $165M |Photo by Shane on UnsplashToday’s Work Week is inspired by Frank Herbert:Deep in… [...]

Work Week | Execution Versus Innovation

| Virtual Events: Hopin buys Streamyard | PPM: Planview buys Clarizen, Changepoint | OKR: Gtmhub raises $30M | Work Chat: Channel Calendars |Photo by Ian Schneider on UnsplashI took some time… [...]

Working in Notion | Part 2

The intersection of journaling and work managementContinue reading on GigaOm » [...]

Enterprise-Ready-As-A-Service: WorkOS

Crossing the enterprise-readiness chasmContinue reading on GigaOm » [...]

Tech Viral

Microsoft Could Launch Its Own “App Store” for Android & iOS

Microsoft is now reported to be planning a new app store for games, and this app store is expected to launch for iOS and Android users early next year. The… [...]

How to Fix ChatGPT “Error in Body Stream” Issue (8 Methods)

ChatGPT is the first step towards the AI revolution we have always wished for. Over the years, we have believed that AI will come and help us in various fields,… [...]

How To Download Facebook Videos Without Any Tool

You can download Facebook videos without needing any tool, software, or browser plugin. The method is much simple and easy than what you are expecting. Please go through the post… [...]

What Does ‘FS’ Mean on Snapchat? (All Meanings With Example)

Those days are gone when GIFs and stickers were the only way to convey our emotions in a chat. These days, social networking & instant messaging apps are filled with… [...]

How to Unzip Compressed Files On the iPhone/iPad (5 Best Apps)

iPhones and Android smartphones are slowly replacing the need for personal computers. If we talk about the iPhone, it can be utilized to do various things. However, there are a… [...]

Reddit Old Layout: How to Go Back to Old Reddit?

When Reddit introduced its new website design, it received much criticism. Whenever a site as big as Reddit presents a system-wide design change, it attracts criticism, which is very normal.… [...]

How to Enable Dark Mode in Reddit (PC & Mobile)

If you are a blogger or rely on the internet for every task, you might know about Reddit. Reddit is a popular website called ‘The front page of the Internet’.… [...]

How to Find Someone on Twitter by Phone Number (All Methods)

Even though you have several social networking sites, nothing can beat Twitter in bringing your content to the world. From celebrities to businesses, everyone has an account on Twitter. Twitter… [...]

ChatGPT Seems Down Today As Users Unable To Login & Chat

Today, OpenAI’s ChatGPT might be facing an outage as a huge number of users from different places around the world are reporting about it on certain websites. This downtime came… [...]

How to Transfer Saved Snapchat Videos to Computer (5 Methods)

Snapchat is a leading app for sharing photos and videos with your friends & family members. The app is fun to use, mainly used by teenagers and young adults for… [...]

The Information Tech

Meta Platforms CEO Mark Zuckerberg’ effort to cut back on middle managers isn’t stopping the company hiring more middle managers. Meta has re-hired a veteran manager, Nick Grudin, to oversee… [...]

At the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show, Amazon announced one of its biggest partnerships yet to help make its Alexa voice assistant ubiquitous: a deal with Toyota to integrate Alexa into… [...]

Larry Summers has a message to all of us here in Silicon Valley: It’s time to switch up that reading list. “Perhaps pay a little more attention to history relative to… [...]

Former Treasury Secretary Larry Summers predicted Silicon Valley will see a “cleaning out” in the fintech sector as a result of regulatory attention flowing from the failure of Silicon Valley… [...]

Tonal, a fitness startup with a cadre of celebrity backers, is crunched for cash after failing to find a buyer. The company now may take a drastic step: raising money… [...]

Twitter over the last two years introduced several features to help creators make money off the platform. But in recent weeks, some have stopped functioning, throwing its efforts to court… [...]

Would TikTok have become a powerhouse without Musical.ly? As arcane as that question might appear, it could become the paramount issue in court if the Biden administration tries to force… [...]

A handful of months into Twitter’s new management and it’s clear an era has ended. For the site’s power users, which include academics, journalists and lawmakers, the sudden changes in the… [...]

OpenAI’s ChatGPT has enraptured the business world since its November release and OpenAI is signing up customers eager to pay to use its artificial intelligence models in their own products.… [...]

Amazon is in the lead! The e-commerce behemoth has moved ahead of Alphabet in the contest to win this year’s IBM Cup, awarded occasionally to the most bureaucratic and slow-moving… [...]