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The best early Amazon October Prime Day Deals for 2023

Amazon's second Prime-related event for 2023 is officially called Prime Big Deal Days and will happen October 10 and 11. This is the second year in a row for a… [...]

NordVPN review: A bit too overhyped for the price

You may know NordVPN from its popular ambassador program, taking social media by storm as influencers sign up to make money advertising the virtual private network. But despite its popularity,… [...]

Tom Hanks calls out dental ad for using AI likeness of him

An advertiser reportedly used a deepfake of Tom Hanks to promote dental plans without the actor’s permission. Hanks shared a warning on Instagram on Sunday alerting his followers about the… [...]

How to send animated reactions on FaceTime with iOS 17

Apple's latest iOS 17 update has introduced FaceTime Reactions, which are animated effects that pop up on your screen during a video chat. These reactions are like the ones commonly… [...]

Cyberattack thriller from the creator of Mr. Robot gets a star-studded trailer

It’s been a few years since Mr. Robot dropped its mind-bending final episode, and now series creator Sam Esmail is back with a film that explores similar themes of cyber… [...]

Beats Studio Pro ANC headphones fall back to a low of $250

It has only been a few months since Apple's Beats division unveiled the Beats Studio Pro, a long-overdue new set of noise-canceling headphones. While it took several years for Beats… [...]

Amazon's Kindle Scribe is back on sale ahead of October Prime Day

Sales on Amazon products continue to roll out ahead of the official start of October Prime Day on everything from Blink cameras to Kindle Scribes. The 16GB Kindle Scribe is… [...]

Google's Chromebook Plus initiative pushes higher spec standards and handy software tools

Google’s pitch for Chromebooks has been pretty straightforward for a while now. They’re laptops that don’t require a lot of fuss, with easy set-up, fast boot times and a simple… [...]

Blink 3rd- and 4th-gen security cameras are up to 60 percent off ahead of October Prime Day

October's Prime Day doesn't start until the tenth, but the sales are already coming along strong. For instance, many of Amazon's Blink products, including the third and fourth-generation outdoor cameras,… [...]

The best portable Bluetooth speakers for 2023

If there’s one thing I’ve learned about today’s Bluetooth speakers, it’s that for general consumers, the options are pretty good. However, that doesn't make the process of sifting through the… [...]


Katalin Karikó’s Nobel Prize Marks the Beginning of a Vaccine Revolution

Nobel Prize winners Katalin Karikó and Drew Weissman pioneered the technology that produced a Covid-19 vaccine in record time. Next, mRNA could tackle flu, malaria, and HIV. [...]

The 15-Minute City Conspiracy Theory Goes Mainstream

The fringe idea that cities built for biking and walking are part of a government plot has been picked up by … the UK government. [...]

The Trial of Sam Bankman-Fried, Explained

White-collar defendants use three main defenses: “It wasn’t me, I didn’t mean it, and the people that say I did are lying.” FTX's Sam Bankman-Fried is likely to go for… [...]

The Biggest Hack of 2023 Keeps Getting Bigger

Victims of the MOVEit breach continue to come forward. But the full scale of the attack is still unknown. [...]

7 Face Masks Your Kids May Actually Wear (2023)

If your child is at high risk or if community transmission rates are high, you may want them to wear face masks. These are the styles my little ones will… [...]

Predictive Policing Software Terrible at Predicting Crimes

A software company sold a New Jersey police department an algorithm that was right less than 1 percent of the time. [...]

10 Best Strollers for Almost Every Budget and Need (2023)

Whether you’re pushing your kid down the street or running on a trail, we have a stroller for you. [...]

How to Re-Waterproof an Old Rain Jacket

Hardshell rain jackets don't stay water resistant forever. This is how to give new life to your old outdoors outerwear. [...]

This Exec Is Forcing Google Into Its First Trial Over Sexist Pay Discrimination

Google Cloud director Ulku Rowe says she was underpaid by hundreds of thousands of dollars. It’s set to be the first case to reach trial since an employee revolt led… [...]

How Google Alters Search Queries to Get at Your Wallet

Testimony during Google’s antitrust case revealed that the company may be altering billions of queries a day to generate search results that will get you to buy more stuff. [...]

Mashable Tech

The best cheap VPNs deals, including popular services like ExpressVPN, NordVPN, and Surfshark. [...]

Secure a saving with this selection of deals from popular VPNs like ExpressVPN, NordVPN, and CyberGhost VPN. [...]

The best VPNs for streaming and cybersecurity, including popular services like ExpressVPN, CyberGhost VPN, and NordVPN. [...]

Get an iPad Air in good condition for less than $140. This 16GB 2013 Apple iPad Air is 69% off. [...]

AI can write your blog posts when you use the ChatGPT WordPress plugin, now only $40. [...]

The iScanner app's lifetime subscription is only $30, allowing you to scan documents and photos and convert them to multiple file types. [...]

When you buy Windows Pro 11 with this discount, get Microsoft Office Pro for Windows for just $50. [...]

Google is about to show off some new phones on October 4. Find out how to watch it live. [...]

Tesla launched a slightly upgraded Model Y in China, with new wheels, a bit more range, and some interior changes. [...]

A one-year subscription to Norton 360 Standard and LifeLock Identity Advisor is on sale for £20.31, saving you 77% on list price. [...]

Mac Rumors

Original Apple Watch is Now Obsolete, Including $17,000 Gold Model

All first-generation Apple Watch models released in 2015 were added to Apple's obsolete products list on September 30, according to an internal memo obtained by MacRumors. As a result, these… [...]

Apple Pencil 3 Could Feature Magnetic Tips for Different Drawing Styles, Sketchy Rumor Claims

The third-generation Apple Pencil could be available with a range of interchangeable tips to emulate different drawing styles, according to a sketchy rumor shared by the X (formerly Twitter) user… [...]

Apple Begins Selling Refurbished 2023 HomePod in Select Countries

Apple recently started selling refurbished second-generation HomePod models for the first time in select countries, including the U.K., Ireland, Germany, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands, Belgium, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, and… [...]

Apple Support Account on X No Longer Offers Help From a Human

Apple this week stopped providing human technical assistance via direct messages on X, formerly known as Twitter, in a shift away from social media support. As of October 1, customers… [...]

Next Major Apple Watch Ultra Upgrade Rumored to Be MicroLED Display Technology

MicroLED display technology will be the next major upgrade coming to the Apple Watch Ultra, according to a Weibo leaker with a proven track record for disclosing accurate information about… [...]

Deals: Get the New Beats Studio Pro Headphones for $249.95 ($99 Off)

You can get the new Beats Studio Pro over-ear headphones for $249.95 today on Woot, down from $349.99. These headphones are in new condition and include a one year Apple… [...]

Apple Watch Ultra Display Too Dim in Low Light, Say Some Users

The Apple Watch Ultra display is too difficult to read in low light conditions, report some users, an ambient light sensor issue that is likely linked to Apple's watchOS 10… [...]

Warning: BMW Wireless Charging May Break iPhone 15's Apple Pay Chip

If you have an iPhone 15 and drive a BMW, it might be best to avoid charging the device with the vehicle's wireless charging pad for now. Over the past… [...]

Apple Says iPhone 15 Pro's Titanium Frame Does Not Contribute to Overheating Issue

Apple today said it plans to release an iOS 17 software update with a bug fix for the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max overheating issue, and the… [...]

Apple to Address iPhone 15 Pro Overheating Issue With iOS 17 Update

Apple plans to release an iOS 17 update to address a bug that may contribute to the reported iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max overheating issue, according to… [...]

The Next Web

Amsterdam’s Orquesta raises €800,000 for no-code LLM gateway

Amsterdam-based startup Orquesta today announced an oversubscribed €800,000 pre-seed funding round. The company has developed a platform through which companies can integrate various Large Language Models (LLMs) directly into their… [...]

£20B plan to power the UK with Moroccan sunshine might actually go ahead

From fusion energy plants and gigantic wind farms to tidal energy mega-turbines, there is no shortage of ambitious renewable energy projects underway in Europe. But when British startup Xlinks announced… [...]

Poland wants EU to stop sleeping on digital IDs

The European Commission has been too focused on tackling Big Tech and not enough on improving digital services for citizens. That is according to Poland’s minister of digital affairs, Janusz… [...]

Spotify ‘unfairly held back’ by Google and Apple, CEO says

While on a tour to woo UK lawmakers ahead of the adoption of the Digital Markets, Competition and Consumers Bill, Daniel Ek has taken a swing at big tech’s dominance. … [...]

New AI tool promises to rig and animate static models within moments

Anything World, a 3D content creation startup, has launched a new AI tool that rapidly rigs and animates static models. The product, named Animate Anything, aims to democratise 3D animation… [...]

Paris-based Mistral releases first generative AI model — and it’s totally free

Europe’s startup contribution to the generative AI bonanza, Mistral, has released its first model. Mistral 7B is free to download and be used anywhere — including locally.  French AI developer… [...]

European Space Agency opens proposal call for lunar mission tech

The European Space Agency (ESA) is enabling tech companies to take part in its Terrae Novae exploration programme, calling for proposals for small missions to the Moon. Sending the first… [...]

UK, Switzerland, and Sweden set for biggest economic boosts from AI in Europe

The UK, Switzerland, and Sweden are poised to cash in from the AI gold rush, but most of Europe will be a poor nephew to Uncle Sam. So say the… [...]

French antitrust authorities raid Nvidia’s local offices

Bolstered by the demand for advanced chips for generative AI, Nvidia has had a terrific run of it of late. However, employees at its offices in France were in for… [...]

UK quietly dismisses independent AI advisory board, alarming tech sector

The UK government has quietly dismissed the independent advisory board of its Centre for Data Ethics and Innovation (CDEI) — tasked with promoting the responsible deployment of data and AI… [...]

The Verge

Blizzard says it’s building ‘revitalized’ Overwatch esports after OWL season ends

Image: Blizzard Hours after the Florida Mayhem were crowned the 2023 Overwatch League Grand Champions, the Overwatch League itself has likely come to its end. In a post on X… [...]

MrBeast is putting his snack brand’s logo on NBA jerseys

Image: Charlotte Hornets YouTuber MrBeast, aka Jimmy Donaldson, has struck a new partnership with the Charlotte Hornets that will plaster his snack company’s logo on the NBA team’s jerseys. The… [...]

Paris Hilton is getting a special deal to post on X

Photo by Rick Kern / Getty Images for The Sandbox X, the company formerly known as Twitter, has made a special revenue sharing deal with Paris Hilton and her media… [...]

Samsung will reportedly bring its game streaming service out of beta this week

Photo by Allison Johnson / The Verge Samsung is reportedly set to formally launch cloud gaming inside the Samsung Game Launcher on Galaxy phones at its developer conference this week… [...]

TikTok is reportedly testing a paid, ad-free version of its app

Illustration by Nick Barclay / The Verge TikTok users might be able to pay not to see a deluge of ads in the future. Android Authority has screenshots of TikTok… [...]

Here are the best AirPods deals you can get right now

Apple’s second-gen AirPods Pro are often on sale. If you know where to look, there are often some great discounts available on Apple’s ever-popular AirPods. Since Apple launched the third-gen… [...]

OnePlus says yes, its debut foldable phone is a rebadged Oppo

An image of the new folding phone. | Image: OnePlus / Oppo OnePlus and Oppo are releasing the same foldable phone under different names, OnePlus confirmed in an announcement emailed… [...]

Chromebook Plus is Google’s new certification for premium Chromebooks

This is the Lenovo Flex 5i Chromebook Plus. Google has introduced Chromebook Plus, a new certification that’s meant to help shoppers identify high-quality Chromebooks to buy. Much like Intel’s Evo… [...]

New Genki ShadowCast video capture card goes ‘Pro,’ Covert Dock gets an upgrade

The new Genki Alpine collection. | Image: Human Things Gaming accessory company Human Things is coming out with new Genki ShadowCast external capture cards that feature higher-quality recording for livestream… [...]

Apple has stopped offering customer support on X

Image: The Verge Apple will no longer provide customer support on X (formerly Twitter), as spotted earlier by MacRumors. When you try to send a direct message to the Apple… [...]

Ars Technica

SBF trial to begin as judge says he faces “very long sentence” if convicted

Jury selection tomorrow; seven criminal charges with max sentence of 110 years. [...]

Is Counter-Strike 2’s new match-abandonment penalty too harsh?

Players lose significant matchmaking rank points even if the game crashes mid-match. [...]

Apple and devs plan software fixes for iPhone 15 Pro overheating issues

Apple says patches won't affect performance and that titanium frame isn't to blame. [...]

Hyundai recalls 1.6 million gas-powered cars due to potential car fires

The problem is an ABS module that can leak brake fluid, causing a short, then fire. [...]

Chromebook Plus laptops debut with hardware requirements, exclusive features

You may already own a Chromebook Plus device, and new ones release October 8. [...]

BMW has an all-new electric 5 Series, and we’ve driven it: The 2024 BMW i5

BMW has made some efficiency and charging gains since launching the smaller i4. [...]

A revelation about trees is messing with climate calculations

Scientists are learning more about “sesquiterpenes," vapors made from trees. [...]

Archaeologists discover ancient sandals buried in a bat cave 6,000 years ago

Some basketry from same site is even older, dating back 9,500 years to Mesolithic period. [...]

Tech Crunch

Consumer interest in open-source, decentralized social networking isn’t something that was only reflected in news headlines over the past year, it’s also apparent in the financials behind Mastodon. The non-profit… [...]

Keeping up with an industry as fast-moving as AI is a tall order. So until an AI can do it for you, here’s a handy roundup of recent stories in the world… [...]

Everything from materials to manufacturing and distribution leaves a carbon footprint, and not all vendors report their emissions. [...]

Crypto pretty much seems to have lost its allure as far as venture capitalists are concerned. [...]

Beams’ co-founders, Jana Schellong and Mihri Minaz, see a fundamental problem with how product teams work. While they have productivity tools that are supposed to help them work smarter, too… [...]

It is time for a new technology that will give more power to the consumer, more freedom to developers and more opportunity for innovation. [...]

Soon, you might be able to watch TikTok ad-free. Mostly. And for a price. As first reported by Android Authority, code within the TikTok app indicates that TikTok might begin… [...]

As Elon Musk’s X expands its efforts to become an “everything app,” the company formerly known as Twitter announced today it will run a livestream shopping event with media icon… [...]

One can’t accuse Bonsai Robotics of lacking focus. The Bay Area-based firm is starting with trees — specifically nut trees. Like most labor-intensive sectors these days, farms have suffered from… [...]

The biggest question at this point is whether Google has any more surprises up its sleeve. The company appears to have announced everything about the Pixel 8, Pixel 8 Pro… [...]

Slash Dot

Nobel Prize Awarded To Covid Vaccine Pioneers

Katalin Kariko and Drew Weissman, who together identified a chemical tweak to messenger RNA, were awarded the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine on Monday. Their work enabled potent Covid… [...]

Americans Are Still Spending Like There's No Tomorrow

Consumers should be spending less by now. Interest rates are up. Inflation remains high. Pandemic savings have shrunk. And the labor market is cooling. Yet household spending, the primary driver… [...]

Chromebook Plus is Google's New Certification for Premium Chromebooks

Google has introduced Chromebook Plus, a new certification that's meant to help shoppers identify high-quality Chromebooks to buy. From a report: Much like Intel's Evo program for Windows PCs, the… [...]

Microsoft CEO Says AI Will Help Google Extend Search Edge

Microsoft Chief Executive Officer Satya Nadella said AI could help Google extend its dominance of the search market, as he took the stand Monday in the Google antitrust trial. From… [...]

Dimon Sees AI Giving a 3 1/2-Day Workweek To the Next Generation

Jamie Dimon said artificial intelligence is already being used by thousands of employees at his bank, and is likely to make dramatic improvements in workers' quality of life, even if… [...]

Tom Hanks Warns of an AI Version of Him Used To Promote Dental Plan

Tom Hanks is warning fans not to trust a video of him circulating about a dental plan. From a report: The Oscar-winning actor took to his Instagram on Sunday to… [...]

European Telecom Groups Ask Brussels To Make Big Tech Pay More For Networks

Europe's biggest telecoms companies have called on the EU to compel Big Tech to pay a "fair" contribution for using their networks, the latest stage in a battle for payments… [...]

Robot 'Monster Wolves' Try to Scare Off Japan's Bears

"Bear attacks in Japan have been rising at an alarming rate, so the city of Takikawa [about 570 miles from Tokyo] installed a robot wolf as a deterrent," reports the… [...]

US Energy Department Funds 'Energy Earthshots' to Speed Clean-Energy Innovations

This week America's Department of Energy announced $264 million for 29 projects as part of its Energy Earthshots Initiative "to advance clean energy technologies within the decade." The funding will… [...]

'Embarrassing' Court Document Google Wanted to Hide Finally Posted Online

America's Department of Justice "has finally posted what judge Amit Mehta described at the Google search antitrust trial as an 'embarrassing' exhibit that Google tried to hide from the public,"… [...]

Tech Republic

Amazon Bedrock opens the door to two new large language models hosted on AWS. Plus, AWS added generative AI to QuickSight and CodeWhisperer. [...]

The command-line interface of your Mac lets you get into the Unix underpinning that makes Macs so powerful. Learn the top commands everyone should know to be a Mac power… [...]

Explore our list of top project management software for individuals to simplify and keep track of your personal projects. Find out which one fits best for you. [...]

AI is now the present, as well as the future. Learn to use valuable tools such as ChatGPT and more to increase productivity or strengthen teaching skills. [...]

Get a comprehensive, potentially lucrative ethical hacking education with 18 courses on today's top tools and tech. This bundle is just $45.99 now. [...]

Unlock the latest user interface, enhanced security features, and new tools for hybrid and remote workers. Offer valid until October 15. [...]

TechRepublic Premium content helps you solve your toughest IT issues and jump-start your career or next project. [...]

Check out our comprehensive list of top 6 DevOps certifications for 2023 and find the best certification to enhance your skills and knowledge in the field. [...]

Looking to advance your career in DevSecOps? Check out our list of the 6 best DevSecOps courses. Find out which courses are worth considering and why. [...]

Notion and Asana are both top project management tools for personal use, organizations, and teams. Find out which one is best with our in-depth comparison. [...]


Monday Night Football: How to Watch Seahawks vs. Giants, ManningCast Without Cable     - CNET

Week 4 concludes tonight in the Meadowlands with the New York Giants hosting the Seattle Seahawks. [...]

Best Power Bank for iPhone for 2023     - CNET

Keep your life moving with a portable power bank for your phone. Here are the best portable chargers for iPhones, tested and reviewed by CNET experts. [...]

Best Gifts for Cyclists That Will Actually Get Used     - CNET

Cyclists aren't hard to shop for, as long as you know where to look. [...]

Cardinals vs. 49ers Livestream: How to Watch NFL Week 4 Online Today     - CNET

Find out all the info you need to stream Sunday's 4:25 p.m. ET game on Fox between the Arizona Cardinals and the San Francisco 49ers. [...]

Patriots vs. Cowboys Livestream: How to Watch NFL Week 4 Online Today     - CNET

Find out all the info you need to stream Sunday's 4:25 p.m. ET game on Fox between the New England Patriots and the Dallas Cowboys. [...]

Max: The 33 Absolute Best TV Shows to Watch     - CNET

The most highly rated TV series on what used to be HBO Max, plus what's arriving in October. [...]

Best Samsung Phone of 2023     - CNET

Whether you're looking for something affordable or a phone that folds in half, here are our recommendations for the best Samsung Galaxy phones of 2023. [...]

Raiders vs. Chargers Livestream: How to Watch NFL Week 4 Online Today     - CNET

Las Vegas look to rebound from back-to-back defeats as they visit division rivals LA. [...]

Save an Extra $15 During the Final Hours of QVC's Holiday Preseason Sale     - CNET

QVC is offering big savings on all kinds of tech and home goods right now, and this coupon code saves new customers even more. [...]

Apple Reportedly Has Ingredients to Create its Own Search Engine     - CNET

Such an offering could bring Apple a new revenue stream, suggests Bloomberg's Mark Gurman. [...]

Tech Radar

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Digital Trends

This 15-inch HP Chromebook just had its price slashed from $330 to $220

The HP Chromebook 15at, which runs on the web-dependent Google's Chrome OS, is currently very affordable at its discounted price of just $220 from Best Buy. [...]

3 movies like Dumb Money that you need to watch

If you loved Dumb Money then you'll enjoy these three movies that are just like it. We'll even tell you where you can stream them. [...]

TV deal: Get this Vizio 50-inch 4K TV for under $300 (selling fast)

The 50-inch Vizio V-Series 4K TV, which is already pretty affordable at its original price of $319, is currently even cheaper from Walmart after a $71 discount. [...]

What’s new on VOD and Digital in October 2023

What's new on VOD and Digital in October 2023? Mission: Impossible - Dead Reckoning Part One, The Equalizer 3, The Nun II, Haunted Mansion, and more! [...]

These are the best mini-ITX motherboards in 2023

These are some of the best mini-ITX motherboards recommended for you next compact PC build. [...]

Intel’s Raptor Lake refresh prices have leaked, and hikes are on the way

Intel's upcoming Raptor Lake refresh is just around the corner, and this new price leak tells us that buyers will have a difficult choice ahead. [...]

Usually $1,250, this Dell gaming laptop can be yours for $800 today

Get into modern PC gaming with the Dell G16 gaming laptop, which is available from Dell's ongoing clearance sale for an affordable $800 after a $450 discount. [...]

10 worst action heroes ever, ranked

Unfortunately, not every action hero can be John McClane or Rambo. We rank the 10 worst action heroes of all time and yes, several DC heroes made the list. [...]

How to use Passkeys in Windows 11

Passkeys are a great way to streamline your login for a range of services, and now you can store them on your PC too. Here's how to use them in… [...]

What’s new on HBO and Max

Our Flag Means Death and The Gilded Age return for their second seasons on Max and HBO, and there are a ton of new movies and shows coming in October. [...]


Work Week | How Not To Connect

| Slack Steps In It | Staffbase Raises $145M | Airtable Valued at $5.7B | Box on the Block | CoScreen Launches |:::Photo by Stephen Phillips — Hostreviews.co.uk on UnsplashIn Slack is becoming a… [...]

Circling Back To Dropbox Spaces

How is the beta test proceeding?Continue reading on GigaOm » [...]

Work Week | Ahren’s Challenge

| LinkedIn Marketplaces | Virtual Events Are Hot: Hopin and Hubilo | Asynch Video: Weet | Microsoft Viva |Photo by Philipp Berndt on UnsplashQuote of the MomentIt is a huge misunderstanding that the… [...]

Work Week | Focus and Asynchronous Communication

The pandemic is leading people away from endless video meetingsPhoto by Stefan Cosma on UnsplashI came upon Complish a few months ago and thought I might fool with it before writing it… [...]

Work Week | Trello Goes Overboard

Trello is becoming more like a spreadbase, like Notion, Airtable, or CodaTrello has announced the availability of a variety of new views, so users are no longer limited to the now-familiar… [...]

Work Week | Microsoft Viva Changes Everything

Employee experience platforms, not intranetsContinue reading on GigaOm » [...]

Work Week | One Step Beyond Logic

| Citrix buys Wrike | Personio raises $125M | SalesLoft raises $100M | Softr raises $2.2M | Divvy raises $165M |Photo by Shane on UnsplashToday’s Work Week is inspired by Frank Herbert:Deep in… [...]

Work Week | Execution Versus Innovation

| Virtual Events: Hopin buys Streamyard | PPM: Planview buys Clarizen, Changepoint | OKR: Gtmhub raises $30M | Work Chat: Channel Calendars |Photo by Ian Schneider on UnsplashI took some time… [...]

Working in Notion | Part 2

The intersection of journaling and work managementContinue reading on GigaOm » [...]

Enterprise-Ready-As-A-Service: WorkOS

Crossing the enterprise-readiness chasmContinue reading on GigaOm » [...]

Tech Viral

If you remember, ChatGPT got a new Plugin feature a few months ago. The feature basically lets you add plugins to add more features to the chatbot. Plugins can access… [...]

Instagram was originally introduced to the public as a photo-sharing app, but it has now become a full-fledged instant messaging app for Android & iOS. While Instagram has a web… [...]

If you are reading tech news regularly, you may know about the Copilot feature. The feature is available in the latest version of the Windows 11 update that was rolled… [...]

Evernote is a great note-taking, organizing, and to-do list app available. It’s available on almost every platform, including Windows, Linux, Android, macOS, iOS, etc. Although the mobile app of Evernote… [...]

If we look around, we will find that Millions of users now use Android. Android provides users with far more features and customization options than every other mobile operating system.… [...]

Modern Android smartphones can capture moving pictures. More importantly, moving or 3D pictures are now considered essential, and most new smartphones have this feature on their stock camera application. Moving… [...]

Email address is a type of identification by which an email receiver identifies the person who sends mail to them. That’s why while creating an email address, you need to… [...]

Apple has acknowledged the overheating issue on its latest flagship handsets, the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max, and plans to release an iOS 17 software update very… [...]

Microsoft released Windows 11 a few years ago, and it’s still the latest version of Windows available for PCs/Laptops. Many new features & changes have been introduced, and Microsoft also… [...]

In the field of gaming, Counter-Stike has already managed to own a sweet spot in the hearts of gamers. Everyone knows about the game, and there is a higher probability… [...]

The Information Tech

Artificial intelligence leaders and policymakers are divided on a key question: Are cutting-edge AI models too powerful to hand to just anyone? That question has pitted companies such as Meta… [...]

A reckoning may be coming for once-hot artificial intelligence startups. Among the most vulnerable: consumer apps (think Character.AI) and “thin wrapper” startups like CopyAI that merely provide a nice user… [...]

Instacart’s first couple of quarters on the public markets could come with slower revenue growth and lower profits than it reported in the first half, according to private forecasts from… [...]

Former President Donald Trump and other Republicans have united around a vow to gut President Joe Biden’s landmark laws supporting electric vehicles, which marshal more than $500 billion to build… [...]

The Heir Who Wants to Be Mayor

Hi, welcome to your Weekend.To spend time with Daniel Lurie is to understand the true meaning of the word “mensch.” Everyone who knows the San Francisco philanthropist and Levi’s heir… [...]

Adventurer: Strauss Zelnick Escapades: 6 a.m. weightlifting, skiing the mountains of Montana, cycling through the Canadian Rockies Plenty of tech execs flex about their fitness regimen. But few can flex… [...]

It’s hard to feel sympathy for Apple, given how much money it makes ($9.2 million in net income every hour in the most recent quarter). But the flood of complaints… [...]

I was about to sit down for coffee in Brooklyn with Meredith Whittaker when she started apologizing for the messages blowing up her phone. “Sorry, we’re launching our post-quantum protocol… [...]

Just when I thought I understood the basics of what’s happening in AI, the field moves again. This week we welcomed our first “fifth wheel”—Scott Belsky, who runs emerging products… [...]

At 11 a.m. last Tuesday, a San Francisco icon stepped up to the podium at the century-old Potrero Hill Neighborhood House. With the Financial District’s half-vacant towers gleaming in the… [...]