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Fox News Channel

Anti-Israel agitators stage massive protest in Washington, DC, amid Netanyahu's US visit

Hundreds of pro-Hamas agitators gathered near Union Station in Washington, D.C., on Wednesday. At least one agitator was spotted with a Hamas flag. Others ripped American flags down, burning them… [...]

Biden addresses decision to drop out of 2024 race, intends to complete term in White House

President Biden addressed the nation on Wednesday evening from the Oval Office for the first time since he officially dropped out of the 2024 presidential race. Vice President Kamala Harris,… [...]

GREG GUTFELD: Kamala Harris aided 'the most egregious and dangerous political cover-up in American history'

Fox News host Greg Gutfeld warns that the media will create a new narrative around Vice President Kamala Harris going into the November election on "Gutfeld!" [...]

Patriot rescues fragment of Old Glory as pro-Hamas agitators burn American flag in viral video

A viral video on X shows an anonymous man rescuing an American flag from the flames of a pro-Hamas agitator demonstration. [...]

SEAN HANNITY: The honeymoon phase with Kamala Harris is underway

Fox News host Sean Hannity takes a hit at Vice President Kamala Harris' political views as she attempts to secure the presidential nomination on "Hannity.' [...]

Brit Hume says he doesn't quite buy Biden's 'conversion overnight' to drop out of the 2024 race

Fox News chief political analyst Brit Hume says, in time, there will be a better explanation of President Biden's decision-making for dropping out of the 2024 race. [...]

Illegal immigrant accused of killing Nashville restaurant owner in hit-and-run crash charged: report

Raigoz-Martinez, an accused auto thief, has now been charged with criminal homicide and evidence tampering, after leading police on a high speed chase [...]

Doctors react after Biden’s live address to the nation: A concerning ‘lack of emotion’

After President Joe Biden’s address to the nation on Wednesday night, multiple doctors shared their opinions about his perceived health based on his live speech. [...]

Cousins arrested after bizarre incident involving possible pipe bomb, machete outside NYC police precinct

The NYPD arrested two suspects who possessed a "improvised explosive device" in Manhattan; tests are being conducted to determine if the device was viable. [...]

FBI Director Christopher Wray testifies about Trump rally assassination attempt

FBI Director Christopher Wray is testifying to the House Judiciary Committee on Wednesday about the Trump rally shooting and investigation into gunman Thomas Matthew Crooks. [...]


Watch President Biden's historic address on leaving the 2024 race

President Joe Biden delivered a historic address from the Oval Office after he withdrew from the 2024 race. Biden highlighted his successes in office and said it is time to… [...]

Special report: Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu addresses Congress

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said "America and Israel must stand together" in his country's fight against Hamas and thanked both President Biden and former President Trump for their support. [...]

What happens inside Olympic Villages? These athletes gave us a tour

In interviews, Olympians compared the athletes' villages to summer camps, college dorms, hotels, and, as Mark Spitz put it, a "gigantic cruise ship." [...]

France cruises to 3-0 win against U.S. on opening day of Paris Olympics

France dominated the U.S. 3-0 in men’s soccer Wednesday in the countries’ Olympic group stage opener. [...]

What it means to be a Black Olympian representing the U.S. on the global stage

At the Olympic Games this summer, Black athletes will take to the world stage in Paris outfitted in red, white and blue, representing the United States with stars and stripes… [...]

13 years after JimmerMania, a former college star aims for Olympic gold

LAS VEGAS — There are athletes who get recognized in public, and there are athletes who literally stop traffic. [...]

House votes to create a task force to investigate the Trump assassination attempt

The House unanimously voted for a resolution to establish a bipartisan task force to investigate the attempted assassination of former President Donald Trump. [...]

Stock market has worst day since 2022 as Tesla, Google parent Alphabet sink

U.S. stocks had their worst day since 2022 on Wednesday amid a broad pullback in tech companies as Wall Street traders sought to reduce their exposure to firms that have… [...]

Monday was the world's hottest day ever recorded — breaking Sunday's short-lived record

Sunday’s record as the hottest day ever recorded on Earth lasted only until Monday, as the planet broke records back-to-back this week. [...]

Yellowstone closes Biscuit Basin for the season after hydrothermal explosion

An area of Yellowstone National Park that saw a hydrothermal explosion that launched steam and debris into the air Tuesday will be closed for the rest of the season because… [...]

Fox Business Network

National Debt Tracker: American taxpayers (you) are now on the hook for $34,988,121,329,285.52 as of 7/24/24

The U.S. national debt is climbing at a rapid pace, on track to double over the next three decades amid a rush of spending by President Biden and Congress. [...]

Philadelphia Youth Basketball impacting next generation, building community at Alan Horwitz 'Sixth Man' Center

Philadelphia Youth Basketball cut the ribbon on the Alan Horwitz "Sixth Man" Center this month, which will be a beacon for youth and community development in Philly. [...]

Investor urges VP Harris to move to center after support of 'very progressive' positions

Crypto investor Michael Novogratz said he hopes Vice President Harris will moderate the "very progressive" positions she took as a senator and in her presidential campaign. [...]

LARRY KUDLOW: Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu made a bipartisan appeal to Congress

FOX Business host Larry Kudlow discusses Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu's address to Congress about the Israel-Hamas war. [...]

Disney TV chief called 'Hollywood winner' in ascension of Kamala Harris to likely Democratic nominee

Disney co-chair Dana Walden, a longtime friend and fundraiser for Vice President Kamala Harris, could be the big "Hollywood winner" if the Democrat is elected president. [...]

Inflation is why many Americans plan to delay retirement: survey

More Americans nearing retirement or who have already retired are considering reentering the workforce, a recent survey said. [...]

Elon Musk, David Sacks balk at Biden's replacement process: 'Shouldn't nominee be decided by a party vote?'

Elon Musk, David Sacks, Dave Portnoy and more called out the Democratic Party's replacement process in the days following President Biden's announcement that he was dropping out of the presidential… [...]

US investigating Delta with an 'eye toward accountability,' Pete Buttigieg says

Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg discusses the investigation into Delta Air Lines following the CrowdStrike outage. [...]

Private student loan interest rates rise for 5- and 10-year terms

The latest private student loan interest rates from the Credible marketplace, updated weekly. [...]

Wyoming Sen. Lummis plans to announce legislation for Strategic Bitcoin Reserve at Nashville conference

Sen. Lummis plans to make the announcement at the annual Bitcoin Conference in Nashville, Tennessee. Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is scheduled to speak at the event. [...]


The automaker increased its target for free cash flow but maintained its 2024 earnings guidance, disappointing some investors who had hoped for a hike. [...]

Tesla shares dropped after the company reported second-quarter earnings that missed expectations. [...]

President Biden dropped out of the race against Donald Trump and endorsed Kamala Harris while isolating with Covid-19 in Delaware. [...]

U.S.-listed Chinese electric car companies are spending more on research as a ratio to sales than Tesla, according to CNBC analysis. [...]

Vice President Kamala Harris' allies on Wall Street met to start a fundraising blitz for her. [...]

Shares of Chipotle have risen 24% this year, bringing its market value up to $72.82 billion. [...]

Kamala Harris' allies in tech want to try to stop Donald Trump from making headway in their industry. [...]

Disney and Pixar's 'Inside Out 2' is now the highest-grossing animated movie of all time, surpassing Walt Disney Animation's "Frozen II." [...]

Parents across the U.S. are cutting back work hours, bringing their children to the office or skipping camp amid inflation and child care staffing shortages. [...]

NBA informs Warner Bros. Discovery it intends to ignore its matching rights and move forward with Amazon as a partner [...]

The Blaze

Biden in Oval Office speech says it's time to 'pass the torch to a new generation' after announcing Sunday he's leaving race

President Joe Biden on Wednesday night gave a short speech to the American people from the Oval Office just days after he announced that he's leaving the 2024 presidential race.Biden… [...]

Democrats’ CRINGE 'brat' pitch to Gen Z voters for Harris 2024

As the 2024 election looms closer and the president is nowhere to be found, Democrats are pulling out all the stops to get Gen Z voters on board with Vice… [...]

PM Netanyahu praises US-Israeli alliance, compares October 7 to 9/11 in first address to Congress since 2015

On Wednesday, amidst ongoing hostilities in Gaza following Hamas' attack on Israel on October 7, 2023, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu made a formal address to the United States Congress,… [...]

Every 2024 election CONSPIRACY theory with the Drinkin’ Bros

One week after former president Donald Trump narrowly survived an assassination attempt, President Joe Biden announced the end of his campaign for the 2024 election. And understandably, the conspiracy theories… [...]

Dad is in the dark that he won $1 million jackpot until detectives explain to him that his lottery ticket had been stolen

A Tennessee father had no idea that he had won a $1 million jackpot until the moment detectives told him that his lottery ticket had been stolen, according to authorities.… [...]

Pro-Hamas protesters take down US flags in DC — police deploy pepper spray to stop mob chase: Video

In response to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's scheduled speech before Congress on Wednesday, at least several hundred pro-Hamas activists, many carrying Palestinian flags, gathered around Capitol Hill to protest… [...]

Armed homeowner finds intruder in kitchen in middle of night — and lets his gun explain how unwelcome intruder is

An armed homeowner in Oklahoma found an intruder in his kitchen in the middle of the night earlier this week — and promptly let his gun explain how unwelcome the… [...]

How radical is Kamala Harris? Here are 13 things she personally endorsed

Vice President Kamala Harris has spent the last three and a half years in Joe Biden’s shadow spinning word salads and pretending to know what she’s talking about. In many… [...]

Poll expert dumps cold water on Democrats' enthusiasm for Kamala Harris — and it's all good news for Trump

President Joe Biden stepped aside as the Democratic Party's presidential nominee after it became clear to his party that he would lose to Donald Trump this November. But will Democrats… [...]

Massachusetts offers illegal aliens free flights out of state as it tightens shelter stay limits

Massachusetts, the nation's only right-to-shelter state, is rolling out additional restrictions on its overflow shelters and offering illegal aliens free plane tickets to go elsewhere, according to a recent announcement… [...]


Furious anti-Israel rioters in Washington, D.C., tore down American flags flying outside of Union Station and began publicly lighting them on fire, however, police managed to recover some of the… [...]

The Office of the Director of National Intelligence warns that the Iran Regime is expanding its influence in the U.S. [...]

Snoop Dogg said he is ready to learn "some new tricks" when he collaborates with Gen Z social media influencers to showcase the Paris Olympics to a younger generation. [...]

The Secret Service has recommended that the Trump campaign begins holding rallies indoors following the assassination attempt on the former president. [...]

As Republicans intensify condemnation against Vice President Kamala Harris while she begins her presidential campaign, Representative Andy Ogles swiftly filed articles of impeachment against her on Tuesday. [...]

Muslim “Squad” member Rashida Tlaib staged a silent protest during Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s address to Congress, holding up a double-sided sign that said “War Criminal” and “Guilty of… [...]


Church sues Colorado town to be able to shelter homeless in trailers, work ‘mandated by God’

Joe Ridenour sits for a portrait on the steps of the recreational vehicle he once called home in Castle Rock, Colo., on Friday, July 12, 2024. Ridenour said he would… [...]

Harris plans to continue to build presidential momentum in speech to teachers union

Democratic presidential candidate Vice President Kamala Harris talks after receiving a briefing on Hurricane Beryl recovery efforts at the City of Houston Emergency Operation Center in Houston, Wednesday, July 24,… [...]

Netanyahu to meet with Harris and Biden at crucial moment for US and Israel

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu speaks to a joint meeting of Congress at the Capitol in Washington, Wednesday, July 24, 2024, as House Speaker Mike Johnson of La., and Senate… [...]

Taiwan sees flooding and landslides from Typhoon Gaemi, which caused 22 deaths in the Philippines

A woman struggles with her umbrella against gusts of wind generated by Typhoon Gaemi in Taipei, Taiwan, Wednesday, July 24, 2024. (AP Photo/Chiang Ying-ying)2024-07-25T04:26:38Z TAIPEI, Taiwan (AP) — Taiwan has… [...]

A neurological disorder stole her voice. Jennifer Wexton takes it back on the House floor.

Rep. Jennifer Wexton, D-Va., uses an AI program on her iPad at her home in Leesburg, Va., Friday, July 19, 2024. A rare neurological disease robbed Wexton of her ability… [...]

Harris is starting to vet potential running mates. Her initial list includes nearly a dozen names

This composite left to right, shows North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper, June 28, 2024, in Raleigh, N.C., Sen. Mark Kelly, D-Ariz., June 4, 2024, in Washington, Pennsylvania Gov. Josh Shapiro,… [...]

Biden’s speech: Warnings about Trump without naming him, a hefty to-do list, and a power handoff

President Joe Biden addresses the nation from the Oval Office of the White House in Washington, Wednesday, July 24, 2024, about his decision to drop his Democratic presidential reelection bid.… [...]

Myanmar violence, South China Sea tensions are top issues as Southeast Asian diplomats meet in Laos

A police officer walks along flags of nations participating in the meetings of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) at the national convention center in Vientiane, Laos, Wednesday, July… [...]

House votes to form task force to investigate shooting at Trump rally, recommend legislative fixes

House Committee on Homeland Security Chairman Rep. Mark E. Green, R-Tenn., speaks to reporters after leading a bipartisan visit on Monday, July 22, 2024, to the site of the July… [...]

Oregon fire is the largest burning in the US. Thunderstorms and high winds are exacerbating it

In this photo provided by Alison Oszman, a fast-moving wildfire near the Orego-Idaho border moves toward a home on Rye Valley Lane in Huntington, Ore., in the afternoon o fWednesday,… [...]


Here are the 20 specific Fox broadcasts and tweets Dominion says were defamatory

• Fox-Dominion trial delay 'is not unusual,' judge says • Fox News' defamation battle isn't stopping Trump's election lies [...]

Judge in Fox News-Dominion defamation trial: 'The parties have resolved their case'

The judge just announced in court that a settlement has been reached in the historic defamation case between Fox News and Dominion Voting Systems. [...]

'Difficult to say with a straight face': Tapper reacts to Fox News' statement on settlement

A settlement has been reached in Dominion Voting Systems' defamation case against Fox News, the judge for the case announced. The network will pay more than $787 million to Dominion,… [...]

Millions in the US could face massive consequences unless McCarthy can navigate out of a debt trap he set for Biden

• DeSantis goes to Washington, a place he once despised, looking for support to take on Trump • Opinion: For the GOP to win, it must ditch Trump • Chris… [...]

White homeowner accused of shooting a Black teen who rang his doorbell turns himself in to face criminal charges

• 'A major part of Ralph died': Aunt of teen shot after ringing wrong doorbell speaks • 20-year-old woman shot after friend turned into the wrong driveway in upstate New… [...]

Newly released video shows scene of Jeremy Renner's snowplow accident

Newly released body camera footage shows firefighters and sheriff's deputies rushing to help actor Jeremy Renner after a near-fatal snowplow accident in January. The "Avengers" actor broke more than 30… [...]

Jake Gyllenhaal and Jamie Lee Curtis spent the Covid-19 lockdown together

It's sourdough bread and handstands for Jake Gyllenhaal and Jamie Lee Curtis. [...]

Toddler crawls through White House fence, prompts Secret Service response

A tiny intruder infiltrated White House grounds Tuesday, prompting a swift response from the US Secret Service. [...]


55 Somewhat Strange But Delightful Products

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Green Bananas, Floppy Bacon, And 25 More "Wrong" Foods That People Swear Taste Oh So Right

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Fox Sports

MLS All-Stars suffer 4-1 defeat to Liga MX's best

Liga MX won the MLS All-Star game for the first time in three tries with a 4-1 victory over the hosts on Wednesday in Columbus, Ohio. [...]

Team Colorado vs. Mass Street Full Game Highlights | The Basketball Tournament | Round 3

Check out the greatest moments and plays in this round 3 matchup of The Basketball Tournament between Team Colorado and Mass Street. [...]

Yankees vs. Mets Highlights | MLB on FOX

Check out the top moments from this game between the New York Yankees and the New York Mets! [...]

Rays vs. Blue Jays Highlights | MLB on FOX

Check out the top moments as the Tampa Bay Rays took on the Toronto Blue Jays. [...]

Francisco Lindor slams his second homer of the night against the Yankees, capping off a 12-3 win and season sweep for the Mets

Francisco Lindor slammed his second homer of the night against the New York Yankees, capping off a 12-3 win and season sweep for the New York Mets. [...]

Marlins vs. Orioles Highlights | MLB on FOX

Check out the top moments from this game between the Miami Marlins and the Baltimore Orioles! [...]

Padres vs. Nationals Highlights | MLB on FOX

Check out the top moments from this game between the San Diego Padres and the Washington Nationals! [...]

Tigers vs. Guardians Highlights | MLB on FOX

Check out the top moments from this game between the Detroit Tigers and the Cleveland Guardians! [...]

Astros vs. Athletics Highlights | MLB on FOX

Check out the top moments between the Houston Astros and the Oakland Athletics. [...]

Angels vs. Mariners Highlights | MLB on FOX

Check out the top moments as the Los Angeles Angels took on the Seattle Mariners. [...]

Refinery 29

When Alexa Coubal was in eighth grade, a volleyball teammate told her to quit, because she was “too competitive.” Her immediate reaction: “Why are we playing if we don’t want… [...]

Top-Handle Bags Are Everywhere This Summer — Get Yours Now

Calling all fashion enthusiasts: top-handle bags have been declared a handbag trend this summer. Celebrities and street style stars are incorporating the polished accessories into their warm-weather 'fits, from posh… [...]

This Home Manicure System Promises Long, Damage-Free Wear — But Does It Work?

.disclaimer{width:90%;margin-bottom:1rem}.disclaimer__lines{width:100%;margin:0 auto;border-bottom:1px solid #999;padding:0;max-width:150px}.disclaimer__copy{width:100%;max-width:355px;font-family:Brown Regular,sans-serif;font-size:.9rem;font-weight:300;line-height:1.3em;color:#333;padding:0 0 .4rem;margin:1rem auto;text-align:center} All linked products are independently selected by our editors. If you purchase any of these products, we may earn a commission. I… [...]

The #GenderEqualOlympics Are Historic — But The Games (Still) Aren’t Close To Fair

Medals aren’t the only thing that matters at Paris 2024. With Personal Best, we’re going beyond the scoreboards to champion the game changers and spark conversations about what it takes… [...]

“My Financial Situation Isn’t Great.” 5 Women Olympians On The Cost Of Competition

Medals aren’t the only thing that matters at Paris 2024. With Personal Best, we’re going beyond the scoreboards to champion the game changers and spark conversations about what it takes… [...]

How Women Strengthened Black Resistance in Brazil Through … Snacks

In the quaint district of Milho Verde, it’s impossible to go without hearing about Geralda Francisca dos Santos and her biscoito de polvilho (a cassava flour and cheese puff). At… [...]

Polka Dots Are Back In Style — & More Grown-Up Than Ever

.disclaimer{width:90%;margin-bottom:1rem}.disclaimer__lines{width:100%;margin:0 auto;border-bottom:1px solid #999;padding:0;max-width:150px}.disclaimer__copy{width:100%;max-width:355px;font-family:Brown Regular,sans-serif;font-size:.9rem;font-weight:300;line-height:1.3em;color:#333;padding:0 0 .4rem;margin:1rem auto;text-align:center} All linked products are independently selected by our editors. If you purchase any of these products, we may earn a commission. This… [...]

A shirtless and sweaty gym selfie in front of a dirty mirror. A string bikini pic and an extremely arched back. Squats and a very, very low camera angle. Anything… [...]

A Week In Montreal On A $95,000 Salary

Welcome to Money Diaries where we are tackling the ever-present taboo that is money. We’re asking real people how they spend their hard-earned money during a seven-day period — and… [...]

The 18 Best Gym Bags For Your Workout Essentials

Friends, we are here to stage a gym bag intervention. Please, put down that flimsy freebie tote that was foisted upon you at that work conference five years ago, or… [...]

Tech Crunch

LimeWire AI Studio Review 2023: Details, Pricing & Features

 In the rapidly advancing landscape of AI technology and innovation, LimeWire emerges as a unique platform in the realm of generative AI tools. This platform not only stands out from… [...]

Top 10 AI Tools in 2023 That Will Make Your Life Easier

 In this article, we explore the top 10 AI tools that are driving innovation and efficiency in various industries. These tools are designed to automate repetitive tasks, improve workflow, and… [...]

Top 10 AI Content Generator & Writer Tools in 2022

Are you looking for a way to create content that is both effective and efficient? If so, then you should consider using an AI content generator. AI content generators are… [...]

Beginner Guide to CJ Affiliate (Commission Junction) in 2022

Image by vectorjuice on FreepikIn this CJ Affiliate guide, I will share with you everything you need to get started on the platform, I will give you an in-depth look… [...]


   The marketing industry is turning to artificial intelligence (AI) as a way to save time and execute smarter, more personalized campaigns. 61% of marketers say AI software is the most… [...]

Most Frequently Asked Questions About Affiliate Marketing

There are lots of questions floating around about how affiliate marketing works, what to do and what not to do when it comes to setting up a business. With so… [...]

What is Blockchain: Everything You Need to Know (2022)

If you want to pay online, you need to register an account and provide credit card information. If you don't have a credit card, you can pay with bank transfer.… [...]

ProWritingAid VS Grammarly: Which Grammar Checker is Better in (2022) ?

ProWritingAid VS Grammarly:  When it comes to English grammar, there are two Big Players that everyone knows of: the Grammarly and ProWritingAid. but you are wondering which one to choose so… [...]

Sellfy Review 2022: How Good Is This Ecommerce Platform?

 Are you searching for an ecomerce platform to help you build an online store and sell products?In this Sellfy review, we'll talk about how this eCommerce platform can let you… [...]

Ahrefs vs SEMrush: Which SEO Tool Should You Use?

SEMrush and Ahrefs are among the most popular tools in the SEO industry. Both companies have been in business for years and have thousands of customers per month. If you're… [...]


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Ukraine says wife of spymaster Budanov was poisoned

2023-11-28T15:55:42ZThe wife of Ukraine's military spy chief has been poisoned with heavy metals and is undergoing treatment in a hospital, a spokesperson for the agency said on Tuesday.Marianna Budanova is… [...]

UN aid chief heads to Jordan for talks to open second crossing into Gaza

2023-11-28T15:59:42ZUnited Nations Under-Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs and Emergency Relief Coordinator, Martin Griffiths leaves after an international humanitarian conference for the people of Gaza at the Elysee Palace in Paris, France,… [...]

Indian rescuers begin pulling out 41 men trapped in Himalayan tunnel

2023-11-28T15:32:19ZRescuers on Tuesday (November 28) were seen making preparations to evacuate workers trapped for 17 days inside a collapsed tunnel in the Indian Himalayas. Footage filmed by Reuters partner ANI… [...]

Powerful Koch group endorses Haley“s 2024 Republican presidential bid

2023-11-28T15:36:14ZRepublican presidential candidate and former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley listens as she is introduced during a campaign stop in Hooksett, New Hampshire, U.S., November 20, 2023.… [...]

Hunter Biden offers to testify publicly in House Republicans“ impeachment probe

2023-11-28T15:41:20ZU.S. President Joe Biden's son Hunter Biden on Tuesday offered to testify publicly in the House Republican impeachment inquiry of his father's Democratic administration, while a leading lawmaker stuck to… [...]

Rupert Murdoch to be deposed in Smartmatic defamation case against Fox

2023-11-28T15:41:28ZTennis - US Open - Mens Final - New York, U.S. - September 10, 2017 - Rupert Murdoch, chairman of Fox Corp, stands before Rafael Nadal of Spain plays against… [...]

White House urges RSV vaccine makers to meet demand

2023-11-28T15:44:18ZSenior Biden administration officials met with RSV vaccine makers this week to underscore the need for manufacturers such as Sanofi (SASY.PA) and AstraZeneca (AZN.L) to urgently meet demand as winter… [...]

FDIC watchdog planning “special inquiry“ on agency leadership, sexual harassment

2023-11-28T15:46:50ZThe Federal Deposit Insurance Corp (FDIC) logo is seen at the FDIC headquarters as Chairman Sheila Bair announces the bank and thrift industry earnings for the fourth quarter 2010, in… [...]

Peru mining keeping country out of deeper recession, minister say

2023-11-28T15:52:09ZPeru's Economy Minister Alex Contreras talks with Reuters, in Lima, Peru October 26, 2023. REUTERS/Marco Aquino/File PhotoPeru's economy minister on Tuesday said that the Andean country's mining sector was preventing… [...]

Hezbollah politician hopes truce will continue

2023-11-28T15:53:05ZA senior Hezbollah politician said on Tuesday he hoped a truce would continue and his Iran-backed group had started paying compensation to people who had suffered losses during weeks of… [...]


As slump rolls on, Boone insists Yanks 'right there'

Yankees manager Aaron Boone vented his frustration with his team's tailspin after Wednesday's 12-3 loss to the Mets, but insisted he believes the Yankees will reverse course. [...]

WR Addison was in 'dark place' after DUI arrest

Vikings WR Jordan Addison said he found himself in a "dark place" after his arrest earlier this month on suspicion of driving under the influence. [...]

Lamar lasts just one hour in return to practice

Quarterback Lamar Jackson practiced Wednesday for the Ravens after he missed the first three sessions of training camp because he was sick. [...]

49ers All-Pro OT Williams holding out over deal

San Francisco 49ers All-Pro left tackle Trent Williams didn't report to training camp because he is seeking an adjustment to his contract. [...]

NBA TV deal: Amazon, NBC join ESPN; TNT out

The NBA signed its 11-year media rights deal with Disney, NBC and Amazon Prime Video on Wednesday after saying it was not accepting Warner Bros. Discovery's $1.8 billion per year… [...]

WNBA reaches 'monumental' 11-year media deal

The WNBA announced an 11-year media rights deal with Disney, Amazon Prime Video and NBCUniversal, with a source saying the deal is valued at about $2.2 billion. [...]

Suns' Ishbia wants to bring NHL back to Phoenix

Phoenix Suns owner Mat Ishbia told Sportico that he has his sights set on bringing hockey back to Arizona. [...]

France turns on class, beats U.S. men at Olympics

France beats the United States 3-0 thanks to a second-half barrage as the teams began group play in the men's Olympic tournament in Marseille on Wednesday. [...]

Ranking the top 25 NFL players of the 21st century: Where do Brady, Donald, Moss land?

From Brady to Moss and Rodgers to Woodson, here are the best NFL players from the past 25 years. [...]

NFL top 25 reaction: Biggest surprises, snubs and players to watch

ESPN's top 25 NFL players of the 21st century have been revealed. Who was snubbed? Our experts debate. [...]

Arcade Heroes

Newsbytes: Taiko No Tatsujin USA Updates, Golden Tee 2025, Naruto Details, More

Welcome to Newsbytes, our regular series of posts at Arcade Heroes that rounds up quick bites of news from around the world of arcades and pinball. As ever, Summer can… [...]

Atari Announces Asteroids Recharged Arcade Orders

The return of Atari and Asteroids to arcades is upon us, as the former revealed today in a press release about orders opening for Asteroids Recharged Arcade on their website.… [...]

Confirmed: Taiko No Tatsujin Is Launching In US Arcades This November

You may remember in our last post about Marvelous’ two new kids card game launches, it was said that they would possibly be the biggest arcade news for this month.… [...]

Two New From Marvelous: Naruto Emblem Battle (NA), Pokemon Frienda (JP)

The dog days of summer have been dragging on as usual, and arcade news has been fairly quiet in more ways than one of late. Part of that is down… [...]

Stern Pinball Unleashes The Godzilla 70th Anniversary Premium Table

The King of Monsters is turning 70 this year, and to celebrate, we’ve already received a VR arcade title from Raw Thrills. Now, Stern Pinball has launched a new Premium… [...]

Bowl Expo 2024 – The Wrap-up

Bowl Expo 2024 is now over and done with, although my plan to be there and check it all out in person unexpectedly fell through thanks to me missing my… [...]

International Bowl Expo 2024 Preview

It’s time for your middle-of-the-year arcade event known as Bowl Expo, although this one is meant to focus on bowling. Since most bowling centers happen to have an arcade on-site,… [...]

Phantom Breaker Omnia Now Available To Order For Arcades

A new 2.5D fighting game is now available for arcades to grab, thanks to exA-Arcadia’s latest release, Phantom Breaker Omnia. Based upon the fighting title of the same name, exA… [...]

June is about over, but we’ve got a new game to discuss that should satisfy fans of mounted gun arcade games. Let’s take a look at Monster Eye 3, by… [...]

Happy National Video Arcade Day 2024!

Today is June 27th and that means its National Video Arcade Day! Why today? Because it’s Atari’s birthday, and that’s as good a mark as any to denote when video… [...]


Max's SharePlay feature for iOS is now available to all ad-free subscribers

Back when Max was still known as HBO Max, it released a redesigned app that added SharePlay for Apple devices, but only in the US. Now, the streaming service is… [...]

NBA TV rights go to ESPN, NBC and Amazon as TNT is rejected

The NBA and WNBA have inked deals for where games will be aired and streamed for the next eleven years. The NBA deals run from the 2025-2026 season through the… [...]

World of Warcraft workers unlock 'form a union' achievement

World of Warcraft (WoW) artists, designers, engineers, producers, quality assurance (QA) testers and other game developers have unionized. The staff of more than 500 workers voted to unionize the Blizzard… [...]

Respawn is walking back its unpopular changes to the Apex Legends battle pass

Respawn Entertainment is bringing back the option to buy Apex Legends battle passes with in-game currency. "You've spoken, and we've listened," the company said. The developer drew player outrage and… [...]

AI search engines that don’t pay up can’t index Reddit content

When Reddit said last month that it would block unauthorized data scraping from its site, everyone’s (rightful) first reaction was “AI, AI, AI.” However, now that the change has taken… [...]

Microsoft is adding AI-powered summaries to Bing search results

The race to bring more AI features to search is escalating, with Microsoft moving forward with additional tools for Bing. Today, the company began previews for Bing generative search, where… [...]

The US Senate unanimously passes a bill to empower victims of intimate deepfakes

The US Senate unanimously passed a bill on Tuesday designed to hold accountable those who make or share deepfake porn. The Disrupt Explicit Forged Images and Non-Consensual Edits Act (DEFIANCE… [...]

Police in Scottsdale, AZ will start using drones as first responders

Police departments across Arizona plan to implement the use of drones as part of its first responders to emergency situations. Scottsdale’s police department will be the first in the state… [...]

Apple Maps is now available on the web in beta

Apple Maps is expanding beyond its app. Just like with Google Maps, the service is now available on the web, albeit in beta form at the jump. There are some… [...]

Modders made a tiny Nintendo Wii that doubles as a keychain

The Nintendo Wii was a bona-fide cultural juggernaut, with over 100 million consoles sold during its lifespan. It was never the biggest console in the world, with a size approximating… [...]


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TNT Out, NBC and Amazon In: Here's What Is Happening With The NBA's New Media Deals

ABC, ESPN and TNT are still the league's broadcast partners for next season. Starting with the 2025-26 season, however, TNT will be out and NBC, Peacock and Amazon's Prime Video… [...]

Bear Original Mattress Review: Affordable, Memory Foam Mattress With a Unique Cover

Looking for a mattress that offers great value? The Bear Original Mattress could be the right fit. Here's everything you need to know about this memory foam bed with a… [...]

Olympics to Hold Its First Esports Games Starting in 2025, Amid Concerns

An official Olympic Esports Games will start up next year, though it's unclear which titles will be played... and how gamers will respond. [...]

Marvel Rivals Closed Beta: How to Get Access Today

A trusty friend is the easiest way to get in, but you can also earn keys through Twitch. [...]

Planning to Install a Solar Panel System? Here’s How Much It May Cost

The cost of a solar panel system needs to consider many factors, ranging from system size, labor costs and incentives. Here's what you need to know to plan for your… [...]

Meta's AI Assistant Got an LLM Update. Here's What You Need to Know

CEO Mark Zuckerberg hopes Llama 3.1 405B will close the gap with competing models. [...]


The Thomas Crooks Conspiracy Theories Aren’t Going Anywhere

The FBI says Donald Trump’s would-be assassin acted alone; the CIA denies any association with him. But experts say the complex reasons for belief in conspiracies will likely keep people… [...]

The Mysterious Discovery of ‘Dark Oxygen’ on the Ocean Floor

Researchers believe they have discovered oxygen being produced 4,000 meters below the sea surface, and think polymetallic nodules—the sought-after bounty of deep-sea miners—could be the source. [...]

Samsung Galaxy Watch Ultra Review: Blood Sugar Index and Navigation Features

Samsung’s premium outdoor fitness watch has basic navigation features and measures your metabolism. [...]

The 2024 Paris Olympics Opening Ceremony Will Be Unlike Any Before It

For the first time in history, the Olympics opening ceremony won’t be held inside a stadium. Instead, it will float down the Seine. Here’s everything you need to know. [...]

The Highly Infectious FLiRT Variants Behind the Summer Covid Wave

The latest dominant Covid variants have stronger infectiousness than their predecessors and the ability to evade vaccine-induced antibodies. [...]

How to Watch the 2024 Summer Olympics

This time around, it will be much easier to watch the games you want, live or on-demand. [...]

Coupon Code: 15 Percent off SHED RAIN Umbrellas

WIRED has teamed up with umbrella-maker SHED RAIN for an exclusive 15 percent off discount code. [...]

You Can Actually Use a Chromebook Offline. Here’s How

The always-online laptop doesn’t really have to always be online. [...]

Samsung Coupon and Promo Codes (July 2024)

WIRED has the best deals to save on your favorite Samsung products. [...]

This Is the Year Comic-Con Bounces Back

After being upended by Covid-19 cancellations and Hollywood strikes, Comic-Con International in San Diego has a chance to come back in a big way this year. [...]

The Hill

Whitmer: Harris has 'more experience than the whole GOP ticket put together'

Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer (D) on Wednesday doubled down on her support for Vice President Harris, touting her years of experience in contrast to the GOP ticket. "Kamala Harris in… [...]

Van Jones says Biden's speech shows that a leader 'can put the people first'  

Democratic strategist Van Jones applauded President Biden's Oval Office address and his decision to step aside from the 2024 race, saying it showed a leader can still "put the people… [...]

Judge threatens to sanction Hunter Biden's attorneys for 'false statements'

A federal judge threatened to sanction Hunter Biden’s attorneys for making “false statements” in their motion asking to dismiss his criminal charges in California. U.S. District Judge Mark Scarsi issued… [...]

House Republicans pass bill cutting EPA funding by 20 percent

House Republicans on Wednesday passed what is expected to be the final government funding bill before August recess, proposing steep cuts for the Environmental Protection Agency’s budget for fiscal year… [...]

Speaker Johnson, Netanyahu exchange gifts during Capitol visit

Speaker Mike Johnson (R-La.) and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu exchanged gifts during the longtime Israeli leader’s visit to Capitol Hill on Wednesday. Netanyahu came to Washington to deliver an… [...]

House unanimously approves task force to investigate assassination attempt on Trump

The House on Wednesday formally authorized a task force to investigate the assassination attempt against former President Trump, centralizing the chamber's probes into the attack. In a display of bipartisanship… [...]

NORAD intercepts bombers from China, Russia off Alaskan coast

Fighter jets intercepted Chinese and Russian bombers off the coast of Alaska from China and Russia, the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) announced Wednesday. NORAD said it detected and… [...]

Biden in Oval Office speech says he dropped out to unite Democrats

President Biden, in an address from the Oval Office, said he decided to end his reelection bid when it became clear that was how he could unite Democrats after weeks… [...]

Netanyahu urges unity, but stirs a firestorm inside and outside Capitol

Welcome to The Hill's Defense & NatSec newsletter {beacon} Defense &National Security Defense &National Security   The Big Story  Netanyahu urges unity, but stirs a firestorm inside and outside Capitol… [...]

Memorable moments from Netanyahu’s address to Congress

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu delivered an address to a joint meeting of Congress on Wednesday afternoon, a speech that shook Washington, divided Democrats and inflamed the political divide over… [...]

CNN International

Are cell phone calls on airplane flights inevitable?

Ah, holiday travel. Between huge crowds and weather delays, flying during this time of year is hectic. Now close your eyes and imagine the entire scenario with one additional annoyance:… [...]

'Hamlet' in the skies? The story behind Taiwan's newest airline

Debuting its first flights in January 2020, Taiwanese start-up STARLUX Airlines could be the first new player in 30 years to upend the island's duopoly aviation market. [...]

Copenhagen's new Metro is a thing of beauty

In Copenhagen, traffic is usually caused by the two-wheel variety of transportation: the bicycle. [...]